This is a documentation for version 7.0.0-alpha.9.
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# vue/no-custom-modifiers-on-v-model

disallow custom modifiers on v-model used on the component

  • ⚙️ This rule is included in all of "plugin:vue/essential", "plugin:vue/strongly-recommended" and "plugin:vue/recommended".

This rule checks whether v-modelused on the component do not have custom modifiers.

# Rule Details

This rule reports v-model directives in the following cases:

  • The directive used on the component has custom modifiers. E.g. <MyComponent"foo" />
<template> <!-- ✓ GOOD --> <MyComponent v-model="foo" /> <MyComponent v-model.trim="foo" /> <MyComponent v-model.lazy="foo" /> <MyComponent v-model.number="foo" /> <!-- ✗ BAD --> <MyComponent"foo" /> <MyComponent"foo" /> </template>
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# Options


# 🔍 Implementation