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disallow use of undefined components in <template>

This rule reports components that are used in the <template>, but that are not defined in the <script setup> or the Options API's components section.

Undefined components will be resolved from globally registered components. However, if you are not using global components, you can use this rule to prevent run-time errors.


This rule cannot check globally registered components and components registered in mixins unless you add them as part of the ignored patterns.

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🔧 Options

  "vue/no-undef-components": ["error", {
    "ignorePatterns": []
  • ignorePatterns Suppresses all errors if component name matches one or more patterns.

ignorePatterns: ['custom(\\-\\w+)+']

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🚀 Version

This rule was introduced in eslint-plugin-vue v8.4.0

🔍 Implementation