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disallow v-text / v-html on component

  • ⚙️ This rule is included in all of "plugin:vue/essential", *.configs["flat/vue2-essential"], "plugin:vue/vue3-essential", *.configs["flat/essential"], "plugin:vue/strongly-recommended", *.configs["flat/vue2-strongly-recommended"], "plugin:vue/vue3-strongly-recommended", *.configs["flat/strongly-recommended"], "plugin:vue/recommended", *.configs["flat/vue2-recommended"], "plugin:vue/vue3-recommended" and *.configs["flat/recommended"].

📖 Rule Details

This rule disallows the use of v-text / v-html on component.

If you use v-text / v-html on a component, it will overwrite the component's content and may break the component.

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🔧 Options

  "vue/no-v-text-v-html-on-component": [
    { "allow": ["router-link", "nuxt-link"] }
  • allow (string[]) ... Specify a list of custom components for which the rule should not apply.
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🚀 Version

This rule was introduced in eslint-plugin-vue v8.4.0

🔍 Implementation