This is a documentation for version 7.0.0-alpha.5.
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# vue/require-explicit-emits

require emits option with name triggered by $emit()

# 📖 Rule Details

This rule reports event triggers not declared with the emits option. (The emits option is a new in Vue.js 3.0.0+)

Explicit emits declaration serves as self-documenting code. This can be useful for other developers to instantly understand what events the component is supposed to emit. Also, with attribute fallthrough changes in Vue.js 3.0.0+, v-on listeners on components will fallthrough as native listeners by default. Declare it as a component-only event in emits to avoid unnecessary registration of native listeners.

<template> <!-- ✓ GOOD --> <div @click="$emit('good')"/> <!-- ✗ BAD --> <div @click="$emit('bad')"/> </template> <script> export default { emits: ['good'] } </script>
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<script> export default { emits: ['good'], methods: { foo () { // ✓ GOOD this.$emit('good') // ✗ BAD this.$emit('bad') } } } </script>
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<script> export default { emits: ['good'], setup (props, context) { // ✓ GOOD context.emit('good') // ✗ BAD context.emit('bad') } } </script>
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# 🔍 Implementation