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enforce sort-keys in a manner that is compatible with order-in-components

This rule is almost the same rule as core sort-keys rule but it will not error on top component properties allowing that order to be enforced with order-in-components.

📖 Rule Details

This rule forces many dictionary properties to be in alphabetical order while allowing order-in-components, property details, and other similar fields not to be in alphabetical order.

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🔧 Options

    "vue/sort-keys": ["error", "asc", {
        "caseSensitive": true,
        "ignoreChildrenOf": ["model"],
        "ignoreGrandchildrenOf": ["computed", "directives", "inject", "props", "watch"],
        "minKeys": 2,
        "natural": false

The 1st option is "asc" or "desc".

  • "asc" (default) - enforce properties to be in ascending order.
  • "desc" - enforce properties to be in descending order.

The 2nd option is an object which has 5 properties.

  • caseSensitive - if true, enforce properties to be in case-sensitive order. Default is true.
  • ignoreChildrenOf - an array of properties to ignore the children of. Default is ["model"]
  • ignoreGrandchildrenOf - an array of properties to ignore the grandchildren sort order. Default is ["computed", "directives", "inject", "props", "watch"]
  • minKeys - Specifies the minimum number of keys that an object should have in order for the object's unsorted keys to produce an error. Default is 2, which means by default all objects with unsorted keys will result in lint errors.
  • natural - if true, enforce properties to be in natural order. Default is false. Natural Order compares strings containing combination of letters and numbers in the way a human being would sort. It basically sorts numerically, instead of sorting alphabetically. So the number 10 comes after the number 3 in Natural Sorting.

While using this rule, you may disable the normal sort-keys rule. This rule will apply to plain js files as well as Vue component scripts.

📚 Further Reading

🚀 Version

This rule was introduced in eslint-plugin-vue v6.2.0

🔍 Implementation